About Us

Harbor City Services (HCS) is a social enterprise of Humanim specializing in quality moving, shredding, records management, and warehousing services in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. For over 23 years, we have been predominately self sustaining and continue to grow through earned income from our core business lines. HCS has the unique ability to capture, harness, and fully utilize the power of its design to deliver multiple societal and business benefits.

HCS is Baltimore’s most unique workforce. Customers choose HCS to get quality service at a fair price. We currently serve over 300 customers, including hospitals, medical centers, law firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Excellent customer service is the foundation for how we do business. Daily we reaffirm our commitment to customer service by examining our personal and professional successes and obstacles. As a staff, we recognize opportunities for improvement, through training, evaluations, and customer feedback. HCS is proud to serve the community, both the customer, and the people we employ.

Our Mission

“Harbor City Services is a non-profit corporation which creates vocational opportunities, treatments and supports for individuals recovering from mental illness and substance abuse. It works to improve the communities in which employees live and work by achieving excellence in a variety of service businesses.”